COVID-19 Information

Distributors’ Choice’s premises and staff are protected by Zoono. The Z-71 Microbe Shield, designed to be applied every 30 days, remains active against infectious microorganisms on surfaces throughout our facilities. Zoono Hand Sanitizer, used by the staff, is recommended to be applied every 24 hours, shielding the skin and killing harmful germs and bacteria coming into contact with it.

Canadian owned & operated 2nd generation family business.

Daily pick and pack is ideal for clients with product orders that vary in time, and volume.

Login to our Inventory Management System (IMS) and place your own orders on any device.

We ship anywhere and everywhere, including taking care of all of your custom clearances.

We verify your product and the quantity match the accompanied packing slip with the order.


At, we’ve received tremendous positive feedback from businesses that we refer to Distributor’s Choice Inc. They consistently deliver outstanding pick and pack fulfillment services in addition to providing a level of customer support that isn’t common in the fulfillment industry. In fact, they’ve become a “go to” resource for us when companies are looking for a fulfillment center in the greater Toronto area.

Our customers trust us